Registration and deletion from Good Finance

“ In addition to sending a signal to other creditors, the purpose of the payment reminder is also to protect debtors in order to absorb additional debt.

An Good Finance registration is meant as a signal to others that you do not pay your bills and that therefore a payment note has been registered for your name. Good Finance and is today owned by Experian. Today there is not only one register where one can be registered as a bad payer. Most financial companies today, besides posting in Good Finance, also make entries in the Debtor Register, which is owned by Bisnode.

There are certain conditions that must be met before being registered as a bad person as a private person. These depend on who makes the registration.

Private companies

Private companies

Private companies have the possibility to make a registration without legal documentation (ie without a legal decision) when the following is fulfilled:

  1. When the company sent 3 written payment reminders (reminders)
  2. When the debtor has been warned about debt collection and possible reporting to the Good Finance register
  3. When the amount exceeds NOK 200
  4. When the debtor does not dispute the claim

Public authorities

Public authorities can also register a payment note for non-payment of public debt. However, this requires that the amount due be at least DKK 7,500, and that registration must not take place 4 weeks after a warning has been given.

Financial companies

Financial companies

Financial companies must first register when the case is dealt with in the court of law or in a civil case. At the same time, the amount owed must be more than DKK 1,000.

In addition to sending a signal to other creditors, the purpose of the payment reminder is also to protect debtors in order to absorb additional debt.

How is one’s debit note deleted?

How is one

The payment mark is made as long as you owe the creditor to the money. Deletion is done either by paying the amount due, and the creditor makes a cancellation, or by the registration being obsolete after 5 years and automatically deleted.

Good advice

If you are registered in the Good Finance or maybe close to it. Then we have gathered some good advice on how to do this:

  1. Don’t avoid or try to ignore the threat of an Good Finance registration by not doing anything. It is never too late to make an appointment where you can avoid a registration. In addition, additional costs are incurred on the amount owed the longer you wait to do something.
  2. Initiate a dialogue with the creditor and find out if you can make a repayment scheme. If the case is complex, it may be a good idea to use an advisor to help you.
  3. Consider whether you should involve others that you owe money to avoid having someone. Registration does not come as a surprise, and just worsens an already bad situation.

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