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Scratch premium: an ambitious idea

Scratch premium: an ambitious idea

Renewing the new home market while improving the fleet of used vehicles: this is the challenge facing the National Council of Automotive Professions (CNPA), which brings together professionals in the sector. To achieve this, the organization has just handed Emmanuel Macron, Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital, a white paper containing proposals to help the used car market.

Among the tracks mentioned is the idea of ​​a scrapping bonus for second-hand vehicles. According to Ariel Cabanes, director of foresight and public affairs at the CNPA, this reform is one of the pillars of the white paper, because of the worrying situation of the French car fleet. At present, France has 10 million vehicles over 10 years, 60% of which run on diesel and escape the new anti-pollution standards.

A bonus of up to 1000 euros

A bonus of up to 1000 euros

The main objective would of course be to help motorists to buy a newer vehicle, in a sluggish economic context that is affecting purchasing power. In fact, the premium would take the form of state aid of between 500 and 1000 euros. However, such an incentive would not penalize the finances of the state by raising the VAT.

According to data collected by the CNPA, in 2017, approximately 60% of used vehicle sales were made between individuals. By relaunching new car purchases with automotive professionals, the scrap premium for used cars would thus reintroduce fresh money into the real economy. In addition, to strengthen its proposal, the National Council of the professions of the car proposes to vouch for a system of loans at very low rates, for the most modest households.

The used car market in France

More than just an economic measure, the scrap premium for used cars is also ecological: by replacing your used car with a new vehicle, you contribute to the reduction of pollution on the French roads. The bet is not won, considering the attractiveness of used cars for French drivers, who are ready to pay an average of 14,360 euros for a vehicle with 15,868 kilometers traveled per year. According to the French CCFA Manufacturers Committee, small entry-level cars such as Volkswagen Polo, Peugeot 208 and Renault Twingo accounted for more than half of total sales in 2017.

The auto credit solution

The auto credit solution

Whether it’s a scrap premium or not, think about auto credit to finance your dreams of chrome wheels and new leather. Indeed, discover the offers of fast auto credit at the best rate perfectly adjusted to your needs to offer you the car of your dreams without breaking the bank, with monthly payments adapted to your budget. Do not wait any longer and discover in just a few clicks which car you could offer, by comparing the best online car credit offers.

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Why not be afraid of the idea of ​​long-term savings? http://www.elitagirl.net/why-not-be-afraid-of-the-idea-of-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8blong-term-savings/ http://www.elitagirl.net/why-not-be-afraid-of-the-idea-of-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8blong-term-savings/#respond Sat, 29 Jun 2019 14:50:20 +0000 http://www.elitagirl.net/why-not-be-afraid-of-the-idea-of-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8blong-term-savings/

When we talk about saving pensions / saving children, there are usually fears that arise from the uncertainty of the future. We simply do not know what will happen in what direction our life situation changes. And this uncertainty largely determines our relationship with the idea of ​​long-term savings. Now let’s see how we can protect ourselves and our money against uncertainty.

# 1 Reason – Flexible product concept – long-term savings as a solution


It is a legitimate fear that, in vain, I can set aside 50,000 forints per month for my pension, but it is not at all certain that there will be no event (series) in my future that makes the award no longer possible. I think that in such cases the role of flexible product concept will be appreciated, which will allow us to have the contracted monthly fee:

  1. Reduced fee lb
  2. Díjmentesíteni
  3. Pause Prix
  4. Raising fees

The essence of the flexible product concept is precisely that we can change our “obligation” while using the options provided in the contract (different in terms of contracts). In this way, for example, it is possible (in the contract under examination) to request a 4 × 6 month pause per year, which has no “adverse side effects” on the contract, simply because we do not pay the monthly fee.

In the same way, we have the opportunity to reduce or even increase the monthly fee for the anniversary (as our life may change in a positive direction). From a security point of view, it is obviously more interesting to lower the initial $ 50,000 per month after x years (or temporarily) to $ 15,000 per month, because it is a “more convenient solution” at that moment compared to our life situation.

Remuneration means that we never want to pay more, but we leave the capital accumulated so far in the contract, do not break it down and switch to the so-called “stand by” mode without any further payment, we only manage the accumulated amount.

# 2 Reason – We pay less for present value


It is a legitimate concern over long-term savings that inflation (the deterioration of the value of money) simply “loosens” our benefits. To compensate for this process, we suggest that we ask for a so-called indexation on our contract, that is, pay annually 3-5% more than last year.


It is logical, because if our money deteriorates by 3-5% from year to year (observing 10-15-20 year horizons), then we have to pay 3-5% more to reach the same value as it was initially we have a goal.


However, remember that everything is true and the opposite is true. In our case, the most important finding is that if we always pay the same amount (nominal value), then our actual expenditure decreases at current value year-on-year to the extent of inflation.

Think about what 10,000 forints mean to you today and 10,000 forints 10 years ago? And what does this amount mean 15 years ago? We can easily see that this amount is getting less and less, we can buy less and less of it! And then why did we think so far that every year we pay the same amount of money to our savings, will our money get more and more? Mystery!

# 3 Reason – Increasing Payment

# 3 Reason - Increasing Payment

Optimally (there is no guarantee for this) over the years, as your professional experience increases, your earnings will have to rise as well. I do not want to “cling” to the drastic increase in income in Hungary in the past 1-2-3 years, the causes of which can be traced back very far and probably the result of an “extraordinary situation”.

Nevertheless, I think that in some way everyone’s income (at least in nominal terms) will increase. The other question is what form of price increases are related to this rise… We are looking for more than bread costs? ”Economists always ask.

It is important that these are average earnings. Thus, in parallels with the example (50,000 forints / month), we are clearly not talking about the standard of the average earnings. In the case of those with higher incomes, there is an enormous appreciation of [time spent in work x professional experience], so that representatives of this segment in the labor market can gain higher income.

Regardless of this, in the case of the average income examined in the table, it is worth looking at the example, when in 2003 average Jakab set aside HUF 5,000 (5.9% of his average income) for pension purposes. 13 years later, two important numbers can be determined, if Average Average always consistently set aside $ 5,000 a month (non-indexed, no raised fee):

  1. It puts aside only 2.7% of its 2016 average income. This is a 3.2% decrease compared to itself.
  2. Calculated at present value in 2003 (assuming 3% inflation), HUF 5,000 in 2016 amounts to HUF 3,404.

In Hungarian, Jóska averages half of his salary in half as much as his salary in 2016, compared to 2003.

For average Jóska, real savings in 2016 would amount to 10,496 forints per month compared to the initial 5,000 forints. This would amount to HUF 7,147 at present value in 2003 compared to the value of HUF 5,000 in 2003. This is an increase of 42.94%, while salary increases by 219%.

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Registration and deletion from Good Finance http://www.elitagirl.net/registration-and-deletion-from-good-finance/ http://www.elitagirl.net/registration-and-deletion-from-good-finance/#respond Sat, 08 Jun 2019 14:38:35 +0000 http://www.elitagirl.net/registration-and-deletion-from-good-finance/ “ In addition to sending a signal to other creditors, the purpose of the payment reminder is also to protect debtors in order to absorb additional debt.

An Good Finance registration is meant as a signal to others that you do not pay your bills and that therefore a payment note has been registered for your name. Good Finance and is today owned by Experian. Today there is not only one register where one can be registered as a bad payer. Most financial companies today, besides posting in Good Finance, also make entries in the Debtor Register, which is owned by Bisnode.

There are certain conditions that must be met before being registered as a bad person as a private person. These depend on who makes the registration.

Private companies

Private companies

Private companies have the possibility to make a registration without legal documentation (ie without a legal decision) when the following is fulfilled:

  1. When the company sent 3 written payment reminders (reminders)
  2. When the debtor has been warned about debt collection and possible reporting to the Good Finance register
  3. When the amount exceeds NOK 200
  4. When the debtor does not dispute the claim

Public authorities

Public authorities can also register a payment note for non-payment of public debt. However, this requires that the amount due be at least DKK 7,500, and that registration must not take place 4 weeks after a warning has been given.

Financial companies

Financial companies

Financial companies must first register when the case is dealt with in the court of law or in a civil case. At the same time, the amount owed must be more than DKK 1,000.

In addition to sending a signal to other creditors, the purpose of the payment reminder is also to protect debtors in order to absorb additional debt.

How is one’s debit note deleted?

How is one

The payment mark is made as long as you owe the creditor to the money. Deletion is done either by paying the amount due, and the creditor makes a cancellation, or by the registration being obsolete after 5 years and automatically deleted.

Good advice

If you are registered in the Good Finance or maybe close to it. Then we have gathered some good advice on how to do this:

  1. Don’t avoid or try to ignore the threat of an Good Finance registration by not doing anything. It is never too late to make an appointment where you can avoid a registration. In addition, additional costs are incurred on the amount owed the longer you wait to do something.
  2. Initiate a dialogue with the creditor and find out if you can make a repayment scheme. If the case is complex, it may be a good idea to use an advisor to help you.
  3. Consider whether you should involve others that you owe money to avoid having someone. Registration does not come as a surprise, and just worsens an already bad situation.

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Get one but pay for two http://www.elitagirl.net/get-one-but-pay-for-two/ http://www.elitagirl.net/get-one-but-pay-for-two/#respond Mon, 03 Jun 2019 14:48:51 +0000 http://www.elitagirl.net/get-one-but-pay-for-two/ “ Too many, unfortunately, focus too much on the monthly performance, which is often low, and therefore forgets to look at the most important – namely the AOP.

Whether it is installment, SMS loans, quick loans or consumer loans, is in fact less relevant as the common denominator for all of them is that you have to repay the money. The big challenge is more that consumers are luring too much of the quick and easy purchase rather than spending a few minutes investigating where they get the best and cheapest loan. Because there is a lot of money to save.

Many buy on installment

Many buy on installment

There is no doubt that the cheapest option is to buy cash and thus avoid having to borrow money. But many do not have cash, so they will have to take advantage of other opportunities for funding. If you choose to buy on installments or borrow the money, it is important to read and understand the small print. Because it is here that the unpleasant surprises can hide.

OPEN vs Monthly Performance

OPEN vs Monthly Performance

Too many, unfortunately, focus too much on the monthly performance, which is often low, and therefore forgets to look at the most important – namely the AOP. To give a concrete example, you can buy a laptop at a large Danish webshop for just over DKK 4,000 on installment. The monthly benefit is “only” DKK 140, but with an APR of 31% and a maturity of over 5 years, you end up paying over DKK 9,000 for her laptop.

Examine the market and save money

It can be difficult to become wise about what to do if you have to examine how well an offer the store’s proposal for financing is. But it is always a good thing to catch 2-3 competing offers, so you have a sense of how good the offer is.

For example, an AOP of between 15-20% would mean that the same laptop can be purchased for approx. DKK 6,000. So just by examining the loan market, you will be able to save SEK 3,000, even if it requires a little more effort on your part. Then do yourself a favor and take some time to examine the funding options before just printing. It’s worth the time!

We collect individual and personal loan offers from you from several banks

We collect individual and personal loan offers from you from several banks

At Good Finance we do the work for you. We collect individual and personal loan offers from you from several banks. That way, you pay no more than necessary for your loan. Apply for a loan at Good Finance already today.

Apply for a loan Fill only one loan application and receive offers from several banks. Free and no obligation application now

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Special System of Settlement and Custody http://www.elitagirl.net/special-system-of-settlement-and-custody/ http://www.elitagirl.net/special-system-of-settlement-and-custody/#respond Wed, 17 Apr 2019 14:37:53 +0000 http://www.elitagirl.net/special-system-of-settlement-and-custody/

You are probably already familiar with the acronym Selic from listening to or reading on the news, right here among our various articles you find that term.

But, do you know what this abbreviation means? And yet, how can this rate impact your life?

We’ll explain everything next, check it out.

What is Selic?


Selic is the abbreviation for Special System of Settlement and Custody, which represents the interest rate of the national economy, serving as reference for the value of credit in the country.

The Selic value is adopted based on the country’s economic scenario. For this, committees ( Copom ) are held eight times a year with directors of the Central Bank that analyze and define it.

Selic controls credit operations in both the domestic and international markets. It also acts to help the Central Bank monitor inflation and buy and sell securities.

How this rate can affect your life


Well, as the country’s model credit value, the rate is literally at all related to the consumer market.

Operations involving credit card, credit, overdraft and savings are calculated according to the value of the Selic. Banks also use it to set the amount of interest on a loan.

Investors, especially those who invest in CDI funds, also do not escape, since most of the portfolio of these funds accompany the rate.

Selic ratio and inflation

Selic ratio and inflation

As mentioned, the Selic assists in monitoring inflation in the country.

In practice, when inflation is high the Central Bank tends to raise interest rates, and so the cost of credit will increase.

This oscillation causes consumption to fall, settling in store inventory for traders, which lowers product prices and puts the money back into circulation.

Otherwise, when the rate is low, inflation retreats, and thus consumption is stimulated again.

  • What is inflation and how does it hit you?
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